Written in my skin


Never been raped
I can live it in the imaginary
And wince sympathetically
Academically it’s appreciated
But it’s never been me…
I have never been raped…
That conflagration of passion is unexplainable absent
Traitorous isn’t it?
How can the daughter of slaves
The child of the kingdoms lost
Be so nonchalant?
When history forgotten is a prophesy of doom?
How could I forget the framework upon which is built
A citadel of delinquent mothers
Busy grooming fake claws, rocking Technicolor locks
Screaming Jah when their kids spill tears of hunger and neglect
Grandmama taking charge of a second generation of offspring
Daughters crusading in mental crime scenes centuries cold
But dragged back to life with zealous abandon?
How could I neglect to remember
Absentee daddies hugging corners
Like they had curves
Blaming THE Man in their pursuit
To compensate for the little package master left in their blood line?
I can smell it in the weed smoke wisped into the wind blowing through my living room window
As the ghetto sultans sit their gutter thrones
Looking at the harems of the strong…black…wannabes masquerading as queens.
The reactionary culture of a people who were set free long ago
but seem to thick to see it.
The legacy of pride beyond the chains
And the spirit of progress beyond the almighty dead struggle is written in
milk chocolate ink
on lush curves of granite
I’ve never been raped
Cause they fought for me
And I refuse to belittle them
By being less than the legacy written in my skin.


About Michelle Toussaint

Michelle Toussaint is an Antiguan who has amassed an Associate Degree in Science Education as well as a Diploma in Forensic Science. As such, she Teaches Science in the classroom as well as at home, where she leads...er... co-leads The Tribe. A merry band comprising her Husband-The Chief, herself-The Priestess, and her three precocious children- the tribesmen. When she isn’t mothering, teaching, being a fangirl or feeding her chocolate addiction. She writes two blogs. Random_Michelle and Death By Expectations. View all posts by Michelle Toussaint

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