Even Then

He played it for us,

‘Cause maybe he knew then

Even then

Then as we made small talk

Over the tale of three witches

There it was again

Someone knew something

Even then

So tell me

Have you found yourself among the pantheons?

Taste the fruits of Eros?

Did you bowl yourself over on the sites of the cosmos?

Did gravity let go of you so you could soar with the celestials?

Dance along rainbows to the sound of angel’s voices?

Did you wage war and win in earnest?

Making love to ideals and spouting ideologies with kings at their tables?

Did Poseidon and Rati-Mayavati mark the path you took to me?

After all that?

Even then?


About Michelle Toussaint

Michelle Toussaint is an Antiguan who has amassed an Associate Degree in Science Education as well as a Diploma in Forensic Science. As such, she Teaches Science in the classroom as well as at home, where she leads...er... co-leads The Tribe. A merry band comprising her Husband-The Chief, herself-The Priestess, and her three precocious children- the tribesmen. When she isn’t mothering, teaching, being a fangirl or feeding her chocolate addiction. She writes two blogs. Random_Michelle and Death By Expectations. View all posts by Michelle Toussaint

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