Melancholy color

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Blue melancholy

Deep, sad and tired

Staring of the edge of

Nothing in particular

You miss to the quick

This thing unnamed

Melancholy red

This is what anger looks like

With all the fight sucked out of it

Just sitting staring off into

What could have been,

Before it was beaten down to this

Melancholy purple

Smooth low jazz

Cursing mellow

Give me glass of something

To get me swaying to the rhythm

The wailing

Then leave me be to my stillness

Melancholy yellow

Smiling mysterious

At what you will never know

Because I won’t tell you

Can’t tell you the felling

That came haunting me

Come back to remind me what I let go

Melancholy green

We will get there

Though by ending an era

They won’t be happy

They will be gone from me

But I’ll live

I’ll see myself into happy for real.

© Michelle Toussaint. All Rights Reserved


About Michelle Toussaint

Michelle Toussaint is an Antiguan who has amassed an Associate Degree in Science Education as well as a Diploma in Forensic Science. As such, she Teaches Science in the classroom as well as at home, where she co-leads The Tribe. A merry band comprising her Husband-The Chief, herself-The Priestess, and her three precocious children- the tribesmen. When she isn’t mothering, teaching, being a fangirl or feeding her chocolate addiction. She writes two blogs. Random_Michelle and Death By Expectations. View all posts by Michelle Toussaint

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