Back to the Noise

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In response to Photo-Fiction #20

It was quiet where I was,

It was peacefully slow,

And all that was,

Was in rhythm with what is,

And all that is,

Breathed slow, sweet life, in with abandon.

It was quiet where I was,

And it inspired quiet in me,

My heart slowed,

No more frantic beating,

My breath slowed,

No more frazzled inhalations,

Of all that toxic,

Spilling from,

Machines and,

Mouths and,

Speakers and,

All those places,

Forcing hate and hurt and disharmony.

It was quiet,

In the way that a soul at peace,

Is like a river,

Still but flowing,

Every contributing to the better,

In the way that,

Calm skies can still,

Shelter and sooth.

It was quiet where I was,

And I miss it,

I will miss it,

When I am returned to that place,

That sent me skittering,

Terrified of what I was becoming,

What I became,

In the noise.



About Michelle Toussaint

Michelle Toussaint is an Antiguan who has amassed an Associate Degree in Science Education as well as a Diploma in Forensic Science. As such, she Teaches Science in the classroom as well as at home, where she co-leads The Tribe. A merry band comprising her Husband-The Chief, herself-The Priestess, and her three precocious children- the tribesmen. When she isn’t mothering, teaching, being a fangirl or feeding her chocolate addiction. She writes two blogs. Random_Michelle and Death By Expectations. View all posts by Michelle Toussaint

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