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Missing you

Old nights,

Long nights,

Hot nights,

Slow nights with no laughter.

Missing those,

Long meandering talks,

Those hands over mine,

Those moments.

On those long days,

Heavy on the spirit days,

Those I wish it would all be over days,

Missing those,

Arms around my shoulders,

Your strength against my back.

That silent compassion,

That warmth without patronage.

On those cool evenings,

Lazy sunsets,

Those magenta golden murels painted on the western sky.

Missing those warm eyes,

Those brilliant smiles,

The laughter.

I miss you.


Only He


He was darkness,

I fancied myself light,

he lingered only,

on the border of my sight.

It was only right,

That he take me…

…It came to pass,

that we walked a turbulent path,

a new dimension of being enfolded me.

I became,

so did he,

something unique.

A juxtaposition of sorts,

Simply being,


…He was earnest,

And I thirsty,

He was brilliant,

In the way mad men are…It intrigued me.

Lonely had become me,

Yearning and needy,

As if by chance I had felled another…wrongly.

Only outside my recollection,

I knew not where, and lately…

…He was my sun, I his moon,

He was a poet, in search of a tune,

Within me.

The things he wrought in me,

Notions he planted,

Dreams he’d spark in me,

Rendered my eyes useless,

Ever trained on something,

Outside the preview of the immediately possible.

He my morning,

I his night sky,

Him a painter,

I the vision in his eye,

For only he,

Did take me,

Now only he,

Can play me.

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