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Missing you

Old nights,

Long nights,

Hot nights,

Slow nights with no laughter.

Missing those,

Long meandering talks,

Those hands over mine,

Those moments.

On those long days,

Heavy on the spirit days,

Those I wish it would all be over days,

Missing those,

Arms around my shoulders,

Your strength against my back.

That silent compassion,

That warmth without patronage.

On those cool evenings,

Lazy sunsets,

Those magenta golden murels painted on the western sky.

Missing those warm eyes,

Those brilliant smiles,

The laughter.

I miss you.


Once I knew a boy


She  wrote him a story

About how he showed her her wings and taught me to soar

She Didn’t know then what I know now

That he had worked his way under her skin even from that first meeting

I  don’t know if it was being wrapped

In the hypnotic arms of prose written by the word weaver,

Or immersed in the fantasy teenagers built around them

But somehow he captivated a young girl’s imagination

But now I know

This Sukoona who walked in daylight

Ignited that passion and fed glutinously on it

Making a meal of her acquisitiveness

In trade of chased kisses under the tamarind tree in the late afternoon

Tattooing his imprint on something intangible inside her

Nimble vampire

And his willing victim

Half drunk on the scent of him as it stoked her arousal

Glorifying her chastity

With lingering stares that caressed her skin

Unseen fingers probing woman flesh

I still wonder after this guy I once knew

About the man he grew into

About the foot prints I left on the shore of his psyche

And if he ever ponders of the woman he made of me.

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