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A Tragic Destitution


She wants to fall into him,
To lose herself in the feel of his lips,
In his scent,
In the way his stubble scrapes across her skin when he tastes her.

She wants to be surrounded by him,
cocooned in his warmth,
On ever plain of their them-ness.

She wants to be taken by him,
made to feel more essential that air,
To know that she alone inspires the wanton that stoked the fire in his eyes.
the muse of his moans, his Persephone.

She wants to know him,
To be that kind of intimate it is so easy to be in the absence of love.

She wants to be wanted,
To encompass and enfold him within herself,
Want to metamorphose into this new being,
By being herself within him, while he occupies her.

She want to be owned.
Unmistakably, uninhibitedly claimed,
In word and action in a way that is…

It’s a tragic destitution to want so much.

To be so without center, insufficient, alone.

But oh what poetry to find that merging,
To have faith so richly rewarded,
To be so treasured.

She simply wants all of him.


My sexy!!!!


I almost lost my sexy,
Almost lost my specific brand of “ooo chile’”
He tried to take it!
Wrap it around his finger and walk around like he’s the one who grew it
Tried to make me join the rat race
Of bitches humping his leg
Like my Louis Vinton luggage
Was some scandal bag flapping in the wind
anchored by some cassie tree somewhere
Useless and unwanted
Waiting to be recycled into the something he wanted
Chile’ I almost lost my sexy!!!!!
She tried to wrestle it from my finger!
Back stabbing,
Whispering shit behind my back
Trying at every turn to take what was mine!
My sexy! She tried to steal it from me
Trying to make me put pen to paper and define
What was indescribably me about me
Like some confused child trying to find an identity
What the hell am I supposed to name it?
Shouting after her, running down the street
Screaming “ stop thief!!”
Begging anyone to stop her cause she trying to run off with all my sexy.
In a purity flour sack, a cruckus bag
Trying to suffocate my sexy
But she dropped it
A real woman’s burden is too much to handle
Then Chile you would never believe I tried to give away my own sexy!
I done lost my mind!
Almost relieving myself of my ladies night!
My short skirts and calf high boots,
My cleavage hanging out without a push-up bra
Hennessy and ginger
It was what Ruppy was “Tempted to touch”
My sexy and I tried to give it away
Thinking it was something wrong with me
My chocolate flavored, caramel glazed
Tequila chaser after a Malibu and pineapple afternoon at the beach!!!
My ripe mango fresh off the tree,
Juice dripping freely, down his chin
And he don’t mind ‘cause that there is what you call sexy
And I almost gave it away!
Thank god I got knocked back into my senses
And learned to strut my feather boa down market street at midday
Sweet, brazen, subtle, crazy, mine
I almost let them have my sexy
Almost gave it away at a rummage sale for some cheap commiserations
Thank god I came to my senses!
Cause they almost got away with me.

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